Legal form

Civil Real Estate Company of attribution in enjoyment exclusively.
The land is and remains the property of SCI.
The SCI grants the exclusive use of a parcel of land to any partner who owns a share in the company.

The share capital of SCI Les Collines des Canebières is divided into 771 shares held by our 771 partners, individuals.

The functioning of the SCI

The partners meet every year in General Assembly.
They elect from among the partners a manager to whom the management of the SCI and the estate is entrusted for a renewable period of three years.

A six-member supervisory board elected from among the partners for a renewable three-year period oversees the management of the manager.

At the general meeting, the manager submits the accounts for the past financial year to the shareholders for approval and presents the expenditure budget for the following year.

The annual fees are voted by the general meeting and are payable in two instalments, in January and July.

The expenditure budget is divided into 771 equal parts, i.e. approximately 1500€ per partner (excluding exceptional expenses).

Each partner has an individual electricity meter and pays its consumption directly to Enedis (EDF). Individual water consumption is invoiced by SCI after reading the individual divisional meters in January for consumption in the previous year.

Budget annuel : 1 100 000€

Nb de parts : 771

Next General Assembly

April 2020

RLP STATUS - Residential Leisure Park

Unlike most other residential recreational parks, which are owned by individual entrepreneurs or commercial companies involved in tourism, SCI les Collines des Canebières is owned by our partners.

Because of this particularity we cannot ask Atout France for a classification of our park with a star rating.

A question about our park ?

We are and wish to remain an area occupied by the partners and their families in secondary residence.

The RLP prohibits the main or permanent residence in the area.

Obtaining RLP status : 1 996