Admission to the Domain

Any future occupant of a lot, partner or beneficiary, must report to the reception office

At the arrival,

In order to complete the residence formalities by presenting an identity document and, as the case may be, the residence permit drawn up and signed by the owner justifying his right of access.

He will receive an identification badge for his batch to be permanently affixed to the windscreen of his vehicle.

The receptionist will activate the badge or remote control. Failing this, he will give a personal access code valid for the duration of the stay.

At the departure

To signal his departure and return his badge. The receptionist will then deactivate the badge or remote control.

Visitor access

Visitors wishing to meet a person staying on the Estate may do so by completing a visit form and presenting an identity document to the reception agent, who will ensure that the person requested is present.

He will receive an access code for the duration of the authorized presence, and an identification badge for the visited lot to be affixed to the windshield of his vehicle and that he must return on his departure.

After 9pm, the partner or beneficiary of the visited lot will have to pick up his guest himself at the Reception desk.