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  • How can I become a partner ?

    Some partners offer for sale their share of the company, which gives them an exclusive right of use on a plot of land on which they have set up an LLH (Light Leisure Housing). A list of sales is available at the Domaine's office. It can be obtained via the contact form. Real estate agencies in the region also offer sales offers.

  • Can I live there all year round ?

    No, the LUP (Land Use Plan) of the municipality of Le Muy stipulates that :
    The main residence or permanent residence is prohibited.
    The occupation must be for leisure in a second home.

  • Is it a condominium ?

    No, the SCI is a civil real estate company whose management and operation are governed by the Civil Code. The laws on co-ownership do not apply to our SCI.

  • Can I do the work I want ?

    No, the soil belongs to the SCI, which must give its approval and, if necessary, the approval of the town hall is required depending on the nature of the work planned.

  • Do I have to pay the property tax and the housing tax ?

    Yes, each partner must pay the property tax as well as the housing tax, plus the increase on second homes.

  • Is the estate located in a forest fire risk area ?

    The estate is located in the vast and magnificent Massif des Maures, covered with Mediterranean forests and vegetation that are very vulnerable in the event of drought.
    Therefore, it is important to follow the instructions for the use of fires, do not throw cigarette butts and use only gas or electric barbecues.
    And respect the conditions of access to the massifs, published every evening for the next day by the Var prefecture in Toulon. Non-compliance is sanctioned by fines.

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